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Digital & Systems Advisory

As new demands continue to emerge, systems providers have been very active innovating and marketing new solutions and functionality.

This makes their assessment and evaluation ever more complex for asset finance companies. Experience of failed deployments and costly over-runs in many systems implementations only adds to this sense of anxiety. 

To help clients make a choice with confidence, at Invigors we have developed a proven approach and methodology that has resulted in numerous successful systems migrations.

Leveraging our deep practical experience selecting, implementing and using systems across decades in the equipment finance markets. This is backed by our cross-functional experience in Sales, Finance, Operations, Risk, Asset Management, Service Management and Systems.

Through our extensive research on behalf of our clients, we have acquired a deep understanding of the capabilities of the principal leasing software offerings and their associated costs and risks of implementation. This knowledge – aligned with our cross-functional experience – provides our clients with a comprehensive in-depth analysis facilitating their systems selections process.

Revenue / Margin Growth
New products (e.g. Pay Per Use, As a Service, Subscription)
New operational needs (eg. Pay Per Use and variable billing)
Post deal support

Risk Management
Service risks
Operational risks
Asset risks
Credit risk
Usage risk

Efficiency and Scaling Challenges
Systems evaluation and selection

New Challenges
Digital journey and User Experience
Billing and collections

Specific problem to fix
Rapid diagnostic
Systems evaluation

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