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Asset Management & Remarketing

Several macro trends are leading companies to re-assess and strengthen their asset lifecycle management capabilities.

The growing adoption of Pay per Use and ‘Everything As a Service’ models (delivering outcome-based solutions through servitization) is placing much greater emphasis on the underlying equipment, its overall performance and its ability to act as a carrier for other services. With these new go-to-market models comes greater attention on the underlying assets and the equipment related risks that accompany them.

We help clients to determine the most appropriate lifecycle management solutions and associated go-to-market models in line with the risk appetite and commercial objectives of the business. We also help clients to target the most attractive equipment segments and to build the relevant capabilities and competences to deliver success.

In addition, we use our proprietary diagnostic tools to benchmark the current state of the asset lifecycle management and remarketing function versus global best in class. We can further support clients in the development and embedding of processes, policies, systems and controls to drive optimal commercial success.

Society’s heightened focus on climate change and ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) also provides the asset finance industry an opportunity to demonstrate the value of its equipment management expertise in the offering of true circular economic models. These models make better use of equipment, extending their useful lives, providing a positive impact both on society and the bottom line.

Revenue / Margin Growth
New market entry
New asset classes
Value proposition development and market testing
New products (e.g. Pay Per Use, As a Service, Subscription)
Asset management and remarketing
Post deal support

Risk Management
Service risks
Asset risks
Usage risk

New Challenges
ESG and the Circular Economy
Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IOT) and its potential
Predictive Analytics

Specific Problem to Fix
Rapid diagnostic
Systems evaluation
Processes deep-dive

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