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Helping you engage customers by addressing trends with funded solutions

For Manufacturers and their Partners

You may manufacture commercial vehicles, or plant and machinery for industrial, agricultural or office use. Perhaps you produce technology, from computer hardware (and software) to medical equipment and robots. Or equipment involved in the optimised use of energy, from its generation (with wind or solar, for example) to its use (for heating, cooling, lighting or transportation). Alternatively, your business may distribute, resale or maintain assets such as these.

To achieve your growth objectives retaining customers and growing share of wallet is key and proactive, data-led customer engagement is too. This is enabled by the digitisation that comes with Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, which needs leveraging to tackle changed risk profiles stemming from the pandemic.

Then there is the need to compete effectively for new business, growing market share and the customer base, and create a customer-focused business strategy. This requires differentiated products and outcome-based services for customers to adopt, to then grow and diversify sources of revenue and have a recurring revenue stream. Through all of this, fit-for-purpose processes and systems are required to respond to the demands of growth and remain compliant with legislation that continues to evolve. This is particularly the case if – for example – the intent includes setting up an inhouse or ‘captive’ leasing / financing arm to help enable this recurring revenue stream.

As part of the value chain’s ‘go to market’ plans, key themes will need to be tackled. Common ones include the consumerisation of B2B relationships and the ability to support sustainability agendas. Such ‘consumerisation’ can be addressed by acquiring share in the rapidly growing ‘Everything as a Service’ market, ideally doing this before others do, and sustainability can be achieved through extended product life cycles in the circular economy.

Here at Invigors, we provide such strategic insight with a practitioner’s eye, delivering real-world solutions and customer-based business strategies. Explore the financial advisory services we offer to see how each can help significantly transform the business you have today as part of a business growth strategy and solution. 

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