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Invigors Services


While digitalization and focus on data can support in fraud prevention, the growing cybersecurity risks will require robust security programs to be implemented.

With our extensive expertise, we help you to raise your resilience against fraudulent activities. We conduct an initial fraud risk assessment as well as a thorough review of your existing internal control system to identify areas for improvement based on best practice analyses and existing industry standards. 

We propose actionable measures to prevent and detect fraudulent activity, based on:

  • Enhanced transaction due diligence approach
  • Processes and controls for asset & data management 
  • Technical solutions for data analytics and tracking of assets
  • T&C Updates

By implementing our proposals you not only mitigate the risk of fraud, but will identify additional profitability levers based on new standards and measures.

Key areas to explore often include:

  • Risk Management
  • Internal Control System
  • Fraud Prevention & Detection
  • Asset & Data Management
  • Regulatory Compliance (AML, FATF, FCPA,…)
  • Data Analytics / Forensic Tools
  • Awareness & Training
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