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Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is key to delivering efficient and consistent service to clients, avoiding risk and generating strong customer satisfaction.

Successful organisations must be capable of a continual process of transformation and renewal to achieve it. Our experience is that legacy business models are often not aligned with a changing business landscape.

Many lessors rely on historical comparisons and high-level cost/income ratios to judge operational excellence. There is little knowledge of what investments need to be made to deliver best-in-class.

Few lessors understand the variations in their processes and operational effectiveness by segment, deal type and relationship, and the impact of consistent performance on the bottom line. There may be mediocre performance alongside excellence in the same process, the average outcome hiding significant opportunities.

Our deep market expertise and hands-on experience enables us to help lessors quickly pinpoint priority areas for change – in go-to-market approach, organisational design, training, systems investment and/or processes. These changes can then be made with minimal impact on teams and operations, achieving an optimal target operating model and delivering maximum return on investment.

Revenue / Margin Growth
Country GTM review
New services
New operational needs (eg Pay per Use and variable billing)
Post deal support
Asset management and remarketing
Sales network

Risk Management
Operational risks
Asset risks
Credit risk
Usage risk

Efficiency and Scaling Challenges
Systems evaluation and selection
Process deep-dives
Human Resource development
Interim management support

New Challenges
Billing and collections

Technical Analysis

Specific Problem to Fix
Rapid diagnostic
Technical support

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