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Invigors Services

Business Strategy

Providing the right strategic direction and analysing the correct range of options is an imperative for all organisations to meet or exceed stakeholders’ objectives.

We assist EMEA organisations and their stakeholders to develop an effective and efficient business strategy. This support starts with reviewing the basic elements of the strategic direction of existing operations, and can include advanced market entry, exit, marketable solutions and funding.

To enable this, we tailor our proprietary approach to specific customer needs. Our processes are rigorous, robust, and based on real-life project experience.

For strategy development, we start with a clear business segmentation to understand business models and their respective profitability. We then review market positioning by performing benchmarking and analysis of potential development opportunities, market and customer profile impacts.

Significant focus is placed on understanding clients’ market drivers, their customers’ objectives and competitive market dynamics. All of these have a fundamental impact on the future success of a new strategy.

Our process ensures that strategic solutions are based on sound evidence and analysis that is conducted independently by experienced experts. This provides clients with a clear understanding of the opportunity, the challenges involved and their implications, with recommendations evaluated to maximise the chances of success and minimise accompanying risks.

Revenue / Margin Growth
New market entry
Market expansion
Country Go-to-market review
New asset classes
Value proposition development and market testing
Business model and segment diagnostic
New services

Risk Management
Service risks
Operational risks
Asset risks
Credit risk
Usage risk

Efficiency and Scaling Challenges
Build / Partner / Buy analysis
Funding (programmatic and one-offs)

New Challenges
ESG and the Circular Economy
Digital journey and User Experience
IOT and its potential
Funding sourcing
Geographic expansion

Specific Problem to Fix
Rapid diagnostic

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