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For Leasing and Financing Companies

Recent times have brought into sharp focus the fundamentals of our industry, namely solid funding accompanied by robust and sustainable business models with a healthy yet responsible attitude to risk management and pricing.

As economies recover, we see more and more lessors getting back to “business as usual”. The pandemic has acted as a catalyst and accelerator of digitisation, forcing lessors to re-examine their fundamentals and address where they wish to transform: this may be into new segments, asset classes, geographies, financial products and/or go to market models.

Emerging areas of focus include pay per use and outcome based, ‘as a service’ finance and leasing solutions as well as tackling ESG driven needs. This can encompass the new asset classes and segments associated with Energy Transition through to Circular business model thinking and better use of assets throughout their lifecycles.  The potential of data generated by smart assets is another growth area, with decision analytics fast becoming a key business competence within lessors (if it isn’t already). The asset finance industry is very well positioned to develop attractive, valuable business models that exploit all these financial trends.

Here at Invigors we provide such strategic insight along-side a practitioner’s eye, delivering real-world solutions to asset finance and commercial leasing requirements and challenges. Do explore the financial advisory services we offer to see how each can help significantly transform the business you have today as part of a business growth strategy and solution.

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