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Invigors Services

Transforming Business Models

We support businesses who are looking to achieve their revenue and margin growth targets through the adoption of Transformative Business Models to address new markets and/or to expand in existing ones.

Key areas to explore often include:

  • Digital journey and the User Experience
  • Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IOT) and its potential
  • Leveraging data and predictive analytics
  • ESG and the Circular Economy
  • Recurring revenue models through subscription-based solutions
  • As a Service and Pay per Use Models

Our approach to supporting adoption of such Transformative New Business Models starts with enabling a strategic review, underpinned by market analysis, risk assessment and benchmarking.

Go-to-market analysis informs the client’s choice of approach, with Invigors also supporting the design and build of the underlying operational infrastructure (people, systems and processes). We can then provide appropriate funding scenarios to review and support execution of the chosen approach. 

We support the final commercial execution through a pilot roll-out of the new business model and commencement of live operations (on successful completion of a pilot).

Revenue / Margin Growth
New market entry
Market expansion
Country Go-to-market review
New asset classes
Value proposition development and market testing
Market review and analysis
New products (e.g. Pay per Use, Everything As a Service)
Business model and segment diagnostic
New services
Post deal support
Asset management and remarketing
Sales network

Risk Management
Service risks
Operational risks
Asset risks
Credit risk
Usage risk

Efficiency and Scaling Challenges
Build / Partner / Buy analysis
Systems evaluation and selection

New Challenges
ESG and the Circular Economy
Digital journey and the User Experience
IOT and its potential
Innovation in general

Financing Programme Needs
Vendor finance
Captive build out
Funding sourcing
Geographic expansion

Specific Problem to Fix
Rapid diagnostic

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