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Invigors Services

Vendor & Captive Finance

Many companies use finance, leasing and subscription services as part of their sales offering to drive incremental revenues and increase their customer footprint.

Often a misalignment occurs between manufacturer and finance provider on the full potential of the programme in areas such as:

  • Joint sales approach and go-to-market offers;
  • Risk appetite and risk sharing models;
  • Asset lifecycle and residual management;
  • Margin protection and approach to pricing;
  • Collections performance;
  • and dealer support and development of distribution channels 

At Invigors we provide manufacturers and suppliers with practical solutions to establish, assess and enhance the provision of finance to their customers.

Based on broad experience of the needs and challenges faced in using their own customer financing capability or those of third-party lenders. We enable manufacturers and suppliers across EMEA to optimise the benefits and manage the risks of both vendor programmes and in-house financing businesses, by supporting the establishment of a new finance programme or reviewing an existing programme or supplier. We also support finance companies aiming to develop their vendor finance capabilities or manage geographic expansion.

An integral part of geographic expansion is the completion of country reviews covering the business critical elements including go-to-market options (captive, vendor, hybrid) and legal, tax, reporting and compliance considerations. Clients find that these comprehensive country reviews are an invaluable resource to help them make the appropriate investment decision and provides the framework for a more formal due diligence process. 

Revenue / Margin Growth
New market entry
Market expansion
Country Go-to-market review
Value proposition development and market testing
Market review and analysis
New products (e.g. Pay per Use, As a Service)
Business model and segment diagnostic
New services
Funding sourcing
Commercial benchmarking
Pricing review and optimisation
Non-interest income
Asset management and remarketing
Sales network

Risk Management
Service risks
Operational risks
Asset risks
Credit risk
Usage risk

Efficiency and Scaling Challenges
Operational benchmarking
Build / Partner / Buy analysis
Systems evaluation and selection
Human Resource development
Interim Management support

New Challenges
ESG and the Circular Economy
Digital journey and the User Experience
IOT and its potential
Billing and collections

Financing Programme Needs
Vendor finance
Captive build out
Funding sourcing
Geographic expansion

Technical Analysis

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