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Invigors Services

Learning & Development

While frequently providing learning and development specialists for public courses run by trade associations and other training organisations, our main focus is to deliver client-specific programmes that maximise organisational ROI.

These can be designed as a one-off exercise, on a repeated basis as part of a company’s development curriculum, or to be company-wide courses as part of a major change programme. And they can be built to address a teams’ introductory, intermediate and/or advanced needs.

By identifying an organisation’s precise Professional Development requirements, our service can be fully tailored and include pre-session study materials, learning validation through testing, certification and structured follow-up, together with tracking of staff development over the medium term. 

As part of this staff development, we provide a mentoring and staff shadowing service that supports bridging the gap as staff transition to new roles within an organisation.

Revenue / Margin Growth
New asset classes
New products (e.g. Pay per Use, As a Service)
New services
Asset management and remarketing
Sales network

Risk Management
Service risks
Operational risks
Asset risks
Credit risk
Usage risk

Efficiency and Scaling Challenges
Human Resource development
Interim Management support

New Challenges
ESG and the Circular Economy
IOT and its potential

Financing Program Needs
Vendor finance

Technical Analysis

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