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Bringing deep market insight and our global network to help you optimise investments and disposals

For the Investment Community

Prospective investors in an asset finance industry business need to make sound investment decisions.

To understand where value-creating opportunities lie, they will require expert country and market intelligence, insight into key market drivers and access to industry benchmarks. They may also need to screen the market to select investment targets and require support from experienced market professionals with the transaction process from commercial and operational due diligence to deal negotiation and closure. At every step, investors will look to de-risk the transaction by calling on market professionals to assess – for example –credit and asset finance risks as well as identifying key process or system challenges. This should help ensure an optimised price as well as provide a head start on post-deal transition activity.

Current business owners looking to exit need to identify the most appropriate acquirers to maximise value and help the business continue to thrive. The upcoming deal making process then needs to be fully understood, to navigate through it and ensure maximum value is achieved.

Here at Invigors we provide such strategic insight with a practitioner’s eye, delivering real-world solutions for business analytics growth. Explore the financial advisory services we offer to see how each can help significantly transform the business you have today as part of a business growth strategy and solution.

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