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Invigors Services

Competitive Analytics

Our independence and depth of knowledge of the market allows us to provide concrete, data-led insights to our clients.

We combine primary research, market analysis and business analytics to provide clients with holistic insights into their market, competitors and business.

Activity ranges from company, territory and country level research and analysis to regional. This research enables clients to understand the size, structure and trends within their markets, creating an evidence-based platform for strategic planning, business development, risk management and performance improvement.

We customise proven research methodologies and analytical frameworks to align with the client’s objectives and business requirements. These business analytics can be applied to external and internal metrics across areas ranging from new business development and marketing campaign optimisation to profitability improvement initiatives and risk analysis. 

Market analysis includes segmentation methodologies based on customer value as well as standard leasing demographic criteria. Quantitative models incorporate predictive analytic techniques to analyse behaviour drivers and provide forecasts. The process can be fully integrated with the client’s planning and budgeting cycle.

Revenue / Margin Growth
New market entry
Market expansion
Market review and analysis
Commercial benchmarking
Pricing review and optimisation
Non-interest income

Efficiency and Scaling Challenges
Operational benchmarking

Financing Programme Needs
Geographic expansion

Specific problem to fix
Rapid diagnostic

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