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Petr Thiel

My passion has always been marketing, which is the reason I devoted my studies to this subject. This was the time before digital marketing and all the disciplines connected with it were taught at university or popular.

Soon after starting my professional career in the family data company LECTURA, that was focused on asset valuation products, I extended my activities from classical marketing activities to digital and this was my first touchpoint with data.

In my 14 years with LECTURA, I led many data and digital transformation projects, where I set up new processes for data collection and standardization, AI solutions, conceiving and creating online SaaS tools as well as building a digital platform from 0 to over a million monthly visitors. I worked with and developed solutions for finance and software companies, OEMs, start-ups and other parties involved in the equipment industry.

During this time, I have learned that if you are implementing new digital, data based processes you have to assemble the right team of experts for the related and connected disciplines like CX, SEO, Data and Web Analytics, AI and synchronize with the company´s realistic expectations as well as possibilities.

Currently there are many data challenges for finance companies related to quality and structure. With my experience and skills to support customers solving these together, we will enable new financing models, better insights, regulatory and internal reporting in unprecedented detail.

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