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Transforming the Business Model to Drive Success

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Kieran O’Brien and Nick Feasey, consultants in Alta’s Europe, Middle East, Africa region, provide considerations for reviewing an existing business model and transforming to a service-led model in this Accountancy Ireland “Virtual Business Guide 2020” published recently.

In this article they list the types of questions that must be addressed and the market analysis, testing and benchmarking they advise for clients seeking sustainable growth into the future. Download Accountancy Ireland

Then, questions are provided for making the business transformation model (BTM) operational and funding strategy is covered as well as market introduction.

“Regarding pricing structures for an ‘as-a-service’ model, the organization must analyse and decide on the optimum pricing model that works for its suppliers and customers. The pricing choices are generally between outcome-based and time/usage-based models,” they said.

O’Brien, an executive director of Invigors EMEA (part of The Alta Group) and Feasey, an “as-a-service and pay-per-use Practice Lead at Invigors, also discuss the endgame in this process, which should include measures that enable IOT and industry analytics 4.0.

Early movers to new BTMs, they say, are creating competitive advantage.

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